Presidents' Letter



At the beginning of the year, we defined three primary goals. They center around the Club's role in the Smithie lifecycle, from engaging high school students through our Admission Committee, supporting current Smithies and engaging with the New York City area alums.  

So how did we do?

  • During Q2, The Board focused on revising and updating our mission statement, which was approved at the January meeting.  We are thrilled to publish it in the Q2 newsletter.
  • At the beginning of the fiscal year, we made an important decision to guide our planning for the Club’s events - that all our events should have a connection to Smith, whether they are hosted or created by a Smith alum, faculty member or current student.  We have an abundance of Smith talent in New York that we can leverage!  
  • Applicants: The Admissions Committee, with the help of 20 volunteers, have received over 50 requests to interview applicants to the College.
  • Students:  196 gift cards from the Greater Northampton Chamber of Commerce were sent to students in December.

THANKS TO OUR MEMBERS, our events crackle with energy and we are so pleased to see new faces!

Looking forward to seeing you soon,

Wendy Kassel '73 and Trish Tidwell '73

For additional details, please visit the Q2 newsletter in LATEST NEWS

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