SCCNYC Book Club


Group Coordinators -Jean Savanyu, Ann Hilliard


The Smith College Club of NYC has had an active, ongoing book club for club members since 1993. A second book club was started in 2018 to increase capacity.  

The clubs are similar in most respects, with monthly meetings and a dedicated corps of members.
In each group, the members annually propose books that they have personally read and consider to be good material for a book club discussion. They then vote to determine which books they will read over the next 12 months. There are no limitations as to genre, length or date of the book; the roster typically includes fiction, non-fiction, classics, memoirs and biographies.    

The meetings have traditionally taken place in members’ homes in New York City. All meetings became virtual (via Zoom) during the pandemic; both groups hope to resume in-person meetings soon.

With that in mind, the size of each group is being restricted and they are at near full capacity. Anyone interested in joining the book club is encouraged to start a new one. The leaders of the current clubs will be glad to provide support and suggestions on how to do that.

Please contact us here with your interest and questions. 

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