Upcoming March Events from Smith College Club of New York City

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Mark your calendars: The Smith College Club of New York City wine tasting event will be here next week (3/14) and space is limited. That event is in addition to an East Village bar meet up (3/6) and a book group meeting (3/11) to discuss David Mitchell's "Cloud Atlas." Further, our annual open Board meeting (3/12) offers a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the Club and how to get involved.

We note with sorrow the passing of Robin Hathaway Keisman '56, a much-loved novelist and Club volunteer who dedicated herself to forging lasting personal and professional connections among Smith College alumnae. She will be missed.

YOUNG ALUMS: East Village Bar Meet Up
Wednesday, 03/6/13 at 7:30pm
Open to All Alumnae (Young at Heart!)

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Book Group - "Cloud Atlas" by David Mitchell
Monday, 03/11/13 at 6:30pm
Come join us for an engaging and lively discussion.

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Open Board Meeting for NYC-Metro Smith Alumnae
Tuesday, 03/12/13 at 6:30pm
Are you interested in becoming more involved with the Club?

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YOUNG ALUMS: Seven Sisters Trivia Night - Brooklyn
Wednesday, 03/27/13 at 7:30pm
Open to All Alumnae (Young at Heart!)

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Annual Faculty Lecture - The Eurozone Crisis
Tuesday, 05/14/13 at 6:30pm
Mahnaz Mahdavi, distinguished Smith College Professor of Economics and the Ann F. Kaplan '67 Director of the Smith College Center for Women and Financial Independence, will present the annual faculty lecture.

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Interested in running or jogging with fellow Smithies? Email sarah_fabiny@yahoo.co.uk. Please include your name; graduation year; borough; running level (novice, intermediate, advanced); length of average run; and whether you're training for a race (yes, no, not now but in the future).

Please note: Registration fees for events and activities are transferrable but not refundable. Thank you.

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