The Smith College Club of NYC reintroduces language meetups


Language Meetups REDUX.

This initiative, launched by club President Zaineb Hamdan, brings back what were once, undeniably, the favorites of the SCCNYC meetups. 

The relaunch, with a shout out on Facebook, prompted responses from NYC Smithies enthusiastic to refresh their language skills. From Farsi to Korean to French, the diversity of languages was truly impressive. It is clear that many Alums seek language-loving friends to keep their language skills honed  in a group that understands the struggles and triumphs of trying to speak in a foreign tongue. 

Who doesn't remember their language teacher at Smith? We have polyglots, linguaphiles and language debutants in our midst. Some of us have an attachment to a particular language, or a genuine love of the language's culture. And, many of us enjoyed that magical junior year abroad to polish our language skills and immerse ourselves in the culture. 

Post graduation, some of us have enjoyed the grand tour of Europe, or other far flung places, to practice what we have learned. And there are those of us who began or continued our language study after Smith, facing a sudden work-related need, or simply as a hobby. 

Oftentimes, after the intensity of learning the language and the eagerness to travel and test our skills, life gets in the way. Our skills languish through lack of opportunity to keep the vocabulary fresh. 

With this initiative, NY Smithies will once again have a chance to join with fellow language lovers and practice fluent or rusty language skills while socializing and reminiscing about their language study at Smith and elsewhere.  This is a community effort. All levels are welcome to join and each group can decide on the meeting frequency and location, as well as other language-related activities they might enjoy. 

SCCNYC community is currently offering SpanishFrenchArabicFarsiGermanHindiJapanese, and Korean, and we are looking for a group leader for Italian.

The SCCNYC will make every effort to accommodate language groups by setting up quick signup sheets that a volunteer group leader will use to contact group members for scheduled meetups and events. 

If you would like to create and lead a language group, email HERE.
Being the primary contact means you would be notified of all Alums interested in joining, and would notify them of the date/time/place that you have chosen for the meetup, or , you may decide with the group to share leadership and planning.

Use it or lose it!  Let's get together and practice! And perhaps the relaunch of these groups will encourage some of us to start a new language, knowing that there will always be fellow Smithies to practice with. 



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